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    Client Results

Art Dielhenn, LA Coach
Los Angeles, California


    • Build more sustainable careers.
    • Move up/get deserved promotions.
    • Sell their projects to companies or networks.
    • Stay in jobs they liked but thought they might lose.
    • Get back to work after prolonged layoffs.
    • Build Profitability/Reach yearly income projections.
    • Develop networking and marketing strategies.
    • Transition to new careers.
    • Overcome creative blocks and internal resistance.
    • Manage personal issues affecting life and work.


    • Career Competencies.
    • Leadership Effectiveness & Development.
    • Strategic Planning/Tactical Implementation.
    • Work Place Political Savvy.
    • Team Building and Alignment.
    • 360 Assessments.
    • Presentation/Communication/Collaboration Styles.
    • Listening Skills/Managing Non-Productive Defaults.
    • Organizational Cultural Awareness.
    • Increasing work/life balance.
    • Manage personal issues affecting life and work.


    • Getting “Un-Stuck”
    • Self Esteem Building & Repair
    • Overcoming Obstacles & Resistance
    • Life Balance & Perspective
    • Recovery Life Skills
    • ADHD: Structures & Organization
    • Motivation & Life Vision
    • Replacing Non-Productive Beliefs, Habits & Patterns
    • Taming Negative Inner Dialogue
    • Relationship Issues & Communication
    • Transitions & Retirement
    • Living Fuller; Enjoying More

Client Testimonials

“Coaching trimmed away the fat and got me to the heart of my career objectives. In the process, I learned how to be more accountable to myself. It gave me the tools to reach goals I felt were unattainable.”
Musician/Composer, LA

“I hired Art to help me work through some specific business challenges. They all got solved. In the process I found more abundance, fun and self-expression both in my work and my life. His passion and no nonsense grounded approach challenged me to stretch beyond old patterns to higher levels of self-awareness, freedom and success.”
PR Company Founder & President

“Art has an unusual way of encouraging me to open up. He just listens. When my life took a tragic turn my writing kept me afloat. Although still bobbing around and gasping for air, I found depth beneath me that was calming. Art introduced me to my core. I didn’t know I had one. Art goes to bat for me. He doesn’t let me get away with being somebody I’m not. He gives me homework and won’t let me procrastinate. Someday I’m going to hate him. But first I have to finish my book.”
Writer, Studio City175startteala

“I am an attorney turned real estate developer.  My investor pool was aging and shrinking and so was my business. I was feeling stuck and down on myself. Art was referred by one of my long time investors. I didn’t believe that a coach, who had never been in my profession, could help me restructure my business.  I procrastinated. Things got worse. I finally called Art. From the very beginning we focused on leveraging my strengths. Instead of viewing change as threatening, I started to see its strategic value. As I got into action my mood lifted and I started getting excited and re-energized about the business potentials right in front of me.” 
Real Estate Developer, Los Angeles


Art Dielhenn, CPCC
Coaching services are offered in person in Studio City, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks,
the greater Los Angeles Area and in distant locations by phone, E-mail and Skype.

Call Art at  818-285-8643 or email
First consultation is free!

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