Client Success

There is nothing quite like achieving a goal you once thought out of reach.


Recent Client Achievements:

Doctor – Design Practice, Media Consulting & Relocation

Writer/Director – Network Pilot Pick-uptarget

Professor – Renew Teaching Passion & Relationship

VP Business Development-Communication & Leadership Skills

Film Director/Editor – Working Retirement Transition

Luxury Yacht Broker – New Brokerage & Improved Sales

Grad Student – Recovery Life Skills & Grad. School

Location Manager – Promoted

Young Actor –Sustainable Career in LA

Media Consultant – Job Transition and Family Relocation

Professional Baseball Scout – Recovery Life Skills & Career

Post Production Supervisor – Promotion & Career Diversification

Real Estate Developer – Revitalize & Increase Investor Base

Film Director – Hired for New Film

Network Director Operations – Leadership Skills Implementation

Commercial Photographer – Developed New Client Base

PR Company Owner – Built Brand & Attract Bigger Clients

Voice Over Artist – Meet Yearly Income Projections.